About the Host

Hey! Thanks for Tuning in to the show and checking out the site! My name is Miss Cadabra! I’m the host of the Smoke to Smoke podcast, an entertaining educational podcast that highlights different aspects of cannabis culture from the up-and-coming innovators to the current state of cannabis legislature across the nation!

Since attaining my MMJ card in 2022, I have been able to gain a whole new appreciation and understanding of cannabis that is ever-expanding as new studies, new cannabinoids, and other new developments occur in the industry. Years ago, I would’ve had no idea what a terpene is or why it matters in the whole framework of understanding plant medicine. But as we advance forward, I am able to learn more each day about cannabis, and now you can tune in with me each week as I share some of what I have learned with you, the listener!

Please do not use the information provided in my show as legal or medical advice, and please be sure to consult a professional for any issues you may have! With Smoke to Smoke, I aim to lay the groundwork for conversations with you and yours that break down the stigma set in place by the War on Drugs.