Buzz Buzz! Welcome back to another brand-new episode of Smoke to Smoke! This week, dive in with Miss Cadabra as she meets Jodeci Gonzalez, the Founder and Social Media Manager of J.A.D.E aka Jodeci’s Alternative Daily Enhancements! We learn about her past experiences and how they shaped her fascination with a more holistic and whole-person approach to medicine and well-being.

Since falling in love with the plant, she’s spent a decent bit of time studying different cannabinoids from our favorite herb, mainly CBG! Today, you’ll be able to learn more about CBG, her line of medical-grade infused Manuka honey, and you can even stay tuned for the 3-part product review intermission featuring some amazing products that Miss Cadabra got the pleasure of trying out herself!

When you get a chance, don’t forget to check out Jodeci’s line of infused, holistic well-being products.

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