WOOHOO WE’RE SO EXCITED! Wanna know why? Well, there are so many reasons! First off, Happy 710 Day! We hope you’ve made your last-minute dispo runs to get your goodies and are now at the perfect chill spot to enjoy them with us while you play along during this game night! That’s right, Puff N Plays are BACK and better than ever with beefed-up prizes from the show’s sponsor, Caligars!

Today, stay tuned as Indi and Mr. Pot Talk face head-to-head in a series of silly games and challenges that test their dab diligence! Much love and special thanks to the ever-so-sweet hubby Mr.Cadabra for joining in on the fun as an EXCELLENT guest judge (despite being a little nervous!)

Stay tuned for the next Puff N Play Announcement if you want in on the next round of goodies and games!

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