Tag: Sativa

  • Anatomy of a Strain – Alaskan Thunder Fuck

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Aka ATF is an iconic sneaker sativa strain from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. Its frosty buds have an incredibly pungent aroma of lemon, menthol, pine, and Skunk. It provides the consumer with a mellow yet superbly euphoric high. Medical Patients report that this strain helps with stress, depression, and anxiety. The…

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  • Anatomy of a Strain – Super Silver Haze

    Super Silver Haze, Aka SS Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid cross between Skunk #1, Northern Lights and Haze. It’s known for providing a very cerebral high with long-lasting effects! It’s higher than average THC content makes it ideal for combating depression, chronic fatigue, nausea, headaches, and appetite loss. When smoking this strain, you can expect…

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  • Anatomy Of A Strain – Trainwreck

    Trainwreck is a HEAVY hitting, potent sativa with mind blowing effects! Be prepared when you smoke this strain because if you’re not, it’ll hit you like a freight train. You might not expect that from looking at this strains avg THC yield, but you’d be wrong! Trainwreck presents the user with a surge of creativity…

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