Connected, Respected, and Perfected: An Interview with Krysta Jones and Sanja Ganja of The Highly Connected App [Episode 79]

Welcome back! It’s time for another amazing chat on this week’s episode of Smoke to Smoke! This week, you’ll be able to tune in for Miss Cadabra’s chat with the dynamic duo of business advisors that came together to create: The Highly Connected app! Krysta and Sanja not only enlighten us on what makes them so passionate about cannabis, but also share with us the impact they hope to make with the cannabis networking app in the future! The Highly Connected app is a fantastic way for budding canna-business owners and brand ambassadors to connect on a whole new level to elevate the success of each others’ brands! Join the app to learn about upcoming industry events you might’ve missed, job/promotion opportunities, consultations and specially crafted career plans, and unlimited resources to network!

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