It’s that wonderful time of the week again! Happy Tuesday! This week, you can tune in for another fantastic conversation that Miss Cadabra got the pleasure of having with founder and professional roller behind the California based brand Bildablunt. Omar, creator of bildablunt, aims to provide a unique smoking experience with his precisely rolled, personally tested variety of flavored custom blunts. He’s also recently come out with a fantastic product that you’ll be able to learn more about during this episode called the Bong Bomb, which Miss Cadabra describes as a “super-duper” moonrock, but Omar definitely does a better job explaining this delectable smoking experience. 

And, we couldn’t finish off today’s chat without learning more about Omar’s upcoming cannabis taste-testing event! At this exclusive cannabis taste-testing, you’ll get the opportunity to indulge in some of Omar’s classic (and NEW!) flavors that have been ideally paired with different dishes that will accent the complex flavor palette to new heights! 

Don’t forget to follow Omar on Instagram to check out Bildablunt and the latest canna-adventures that he’s getting in to! 

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