One of Cadabra’s top 5 favorite strains! It’s got a nice berry smell to it. The main terp profile consists of Linalool and Sabinene. Queen Mother Goji is an heavy indica-dominant hybrid strain created from a Snow Lotus, Nepali OG, and Queen Mother cross.

This strain is perfect for a MAX relaxing afternoon. The Queen provides a euphoric creativity boost once it hits, gently easing aches and pains. Great news, if you’re worried about couch-lock, this strain won’t drag you down! However, this highly potent strain is not suggested for use by novice smokers, on average carrying about 22-29% THC per batch.

Queen Mother Goji is shown to aid Medical Patients with Insomnia, Hypertension, Chronic Pain, and Depression. As always, remember to smoke responsibly and do not operate heavy machinery after smoking this (or any) strain!

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